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Caitlyn Hart

Speciality/Dance Class Instructor

Caitlyn Hart grew up in the state of Rhode Island, sharing her passion of dance with others. She is an occupational dancer mainly in central Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts area. After studying for four years at Dean College, she received her bachelor’s degree in Dance and Fine Arts in May of 2016. She has been holding onto her devotion of teaching dance to others, as well as her role as a performer. Shortly after graduating, Caitlyn held a spot on the Boston Cannons Dance Team in the Summer of 2016. The Next season came around and she became a member of the United Styles dance Company that held performances in the Greater Boston area. This led her to many performances and shows as well as being cast as a dancer in a music video performed by Boston artist Jared F.K. Jones.


This past year, Caitlyn has had the pleasure to cheer for her hometown NFL team the New England Patriots. Being A New England Patriots Cheerleader for the 2017-2018 squad has been a very high achievement. She performed on the biggest stage of her dance career at Superbowl LII back in February 2018. Caitlyn is now looking forward to spending most her time teaching. The Fall of 2018 she will be heading back to her high school not as a student, but as a head coach of the Coventry High School Dance Team. Being a part of a military family, Caitlyn has participated in several volunteer events and military homecoming for military personnel. She also takes the time to appreciate the outdoors and stays active. She stays busy by teaching for many studios including the dancers enrolled at the YMCA.

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