We offer a variety of speciality and family fitness programs at NETF. In order to develop our athletes we understand that All-Star cheerleading is more then just tumbling. In addition, our fitness programs are developed to support our athletes and their families.

Speciality Programs

Our speciality programs were designed to help our athletes develop their cheerleading technique and physical strength. 

  • Jumps & Motions (NETF athletes ONLY)
  • Strength & Flexibility (NETF athletes ONLY)
  • Stunting


Family Fitness

Our gym is not only a cheerleading facility. We offer a variety of fitness programs for the entire family. 

  • Parent Fitness
  • Small Group Fitness
  • Family Bootcamp


Tricking can be described as a combination of martial arts and gymnastics. NETF is the first gym in Rhode Island offering this program.