This program is for athletes ages 5-17 years old that want to learn the sport of cheerleading but do not want to compete nationally. Prior cheerleading experience is not required to join this program. The athletes that participate in this program train September through May and perform at one to two competition per season.

Our athletes are coached in many areas: core fitness, tumbling, stunting, dance, leadership and teamwork. Choreographed routine and will be developing based on team and individuals goals set by the coaching staff. 

This program is a group of girls and boys, learning a variety of skills: Backward Roll, Handstand, Cartwheel, Round Off, Backbend Kick Over, Back Walkover, Front Walkover.

Stunting skills vary from prep stunting and basic body positions to basic pyramid.

Target Audience: Athletes ranging from 5 – 17 years old.

Time Commitment: Team will practice September through May for two hours per week.

Average Monthly Cost: $100 per month (this may vary check with gym for actual pricing)